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View models in CS:GO are exactly what they sound like, a model of your character that you can see. Your view model includes the gun you hold, your hands, and arms.Finding the right settings for you is very important, it impacts what you can and can't see and is a general quality of life feature Natus Vincere s1mple CS:GO Settings, Gear, Setup and Config - Including: Sensitivity, DPI, Resolution, Crosshair, Viewmodel, Monitor, Mouse, Mousepad, Keyboard, Headset To get the best CS:GO viewmodel settings you should customize your own or download pro viewmodels from our CS:GO pro player section. If you want to play with the most standard best viewmodel CS:GO settings you can use the following. To use these viewmodel settings simply add the commands to your CS:GO developer console Viewmodel in CS:GO ändern und speichern. Es gibt eine ganze Reihe von Befehlen rund um das Viewmodel und die Waffe im Spiel. Vielen wird sicherlich der Befehl cl_righthand bekannt sein. Über 1 kann man die Waffe rechts und über 0 die Waffe links anzeigen lassen. Viel wichtiger sind dabei allerdings die folgenden Viewmodel Befehle

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CS:GO Pro Setting Players (312 players) We have gathered the CS:GO Setups (2020) of 312 professional players from 70 best teams worlwide. Сurrent sensitivity, crosshair, mouse settings, keyboards, resolutions and video settings and other hardware Welcome to our CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear List. This is where we get our data from to give you our analysis on the most used gaming peripherals and gear and our competitive settings guide.We research everything we can find from settings like DPI & eDPI, sensitivity, and resolution to gear and hardware like monitors, mice, mousepads, and keyboards.. Here you can download the CFG of any CS:GO player and find information about settings. Home; Pro Configs; Mouse Settings Database; CFG Installation Guide; Free Skins; Contact; Pro Configs. Browse the configs of professional CSGO players, find information about mouse, keyboard, resolution, etc. Browse Configs. Mouse Settings Database. View the mouse and mouse settings for 1000+ pro players. A collection of pro player crosshairs. Welcome to CSGOCrosshairs.com. If you've an interest in new or alternative crosshairs, this is the place for you! We've currently gathered a total of 110 professional CS:GO players' crosshair settings from 22 different teams and more will be added regularly. The perfect crosshair can be very.

Firstly, with the issue on the screenshots, i'm not 100% sure what the problem is and i'll probably just have to remove them, but i'll try and fix it. Secondly, no this does not work in CS:S, these commands were added in CS:GO and viewmodel_fov cannot be changed in CS:S I see. Thanks viewmodel_fov. viewmodel_offset_x. viewmodel_offset_y. viewmodel_offset_z. I would think most pros would make their own based on preference, I personally use X -2 Y 0 Z -2 and X 0 for my knife, FOV 54, left hande If you are looking for CS: GO pro crosshair settings, this place is for you! We devoted some time and gathered the current crosshairs (2020) of some of the best CSGO players. S1mple, device, kennyS, Zywoo and Stewie2k are just some of them! There are also such legends as olofmeister, NEO or Scream. This is a full list, from which you can easily click and copy settings to the console. In. In this guide/tutorial we will go through the best viewmodel settings in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. If you want a slightly greater visibility in CS:GO, you should really try to play and change the settings for your viewmodel. You can say that the viewmodel is what you can see of the gun that you are holding. In this case, we want the gun.

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dev1ce CS:GO settings: Config, gaming gear & sensitivity used by pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Nicolai dev1ce Reedtz. Includes dev1ce's CS:GO keybindings, mouse settings, DPI, crosshair, cfg, video & graphics settings as well as his hardware setup and resolution Video explaining viewmodels, the psychological feeling behind it and also left/right handed positions. If the banana didn't move then choose what feels best!.. Tarik's CS:GO career picked up its pace after he decided to drop out of college and focus on becoming a pro. His efforts started to pay off in 2017 when Cloud9 recruited him

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The BEST Viewmodel for CS:GO in 2020 (IN MY OPINION OF COURSE) [ CS:GO ] ----- THE VIEWMODEL.. ErycTriceps - CS:GO Settings, Config, Sensitivity, Crosshair, Viewmodel, Launch Options, Resolution, Video Settings, and more CS:GO Viewmodel einstellen und ändern. Über das Viewmodel kannst Du die Sicht auf die Waffe verändern. Dazu gehören nicht nur so Sachen wie Waffe links oder Waffe rechts anzeigen, was bekanntlich über den Befehl cl_righthand 1 bzw. cl_righthand 0 geht, sondern auch wie nah die Waffe angezeigt wird, wie stark sich die Waffe beim Laufen bewegt und vieles mehr S1mple's settings, crosshair, and viewmodel for CS:GO. S1mple is simply the best. Jerome Heath . Photo via StarLadder. S1mple is widely considered the greatest CS:GO player of all time. The.

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  1. How to Set Up a CS:GO Viewmodel in 2020 (2 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5) Loading... CSGO is full of little details we keep tinkering with to get ourselves to get more headshots, win more games and rank up in Matchmaking, ESEA or Faceit. One of these details that need tinkering with is definitely your CSGO viewmodel. This article will tell you all about finding the best CSGO viewmodel for your.
  2. The best Counter-Strike viewmodel is the one you set for yourself. The best Counter-Strike viewmodel is the one you set for yourself. DOTA2. CS:GO. LoL. Valorant. Games. Type. Login. You can get a real advantage by customizing your viewmodel in CSGO. Feb 17, 2020 - Nick Johnson. CS:GO. Coronavirus strikes CSGO, Tyloo replaces ViCi at IEM Katowice. Feb 17, 2020 - Nick Johnson. CS:GO. Riot Squad.
  3. CS:GO RESOLUTIONS; GUIDES; Teams. Teams are listed in alphabetical order. Astralis. dev1ce; dupreeh; gla1ve; Magisk; Xyp9x × dev1ce. dev1ce Astralis awp static. Monitor Keyboard Headset Mouse Mousepad ; Benq XL2546: Logitech G-PRO: Turtle Beach Elite Pro: Zowie EC2-B: Logitech G640: Crosshair preview Player resolution Copy to config. cl_crosshair_drawoutline 1 cl_crosshair.
  4. Ich bin's mal wieder mit einer Frage. Und zwar würde ich gerne 2 verschiedene Viewmodels umschalten, da ich mich beim spielen nie entscheiden kann ( :D ) kann mir jemand sagen wie man das macht? danke im Vorraus #2 vor 3 Jahren. Bibi Blocksberg 0 Beiträge Welche viewmodels? Waffe rechts-links? #3 vor 3 Jahren. Honigbiene Threadersteller 38 Beiträge nein nur als beispiel viewmodel 1.
  5. d before changing As a gamer, I know that it can be hard to find the best CSGO crosshair. I've tried so many different crosshairs and looked up Skip to content. MENU. Search. Search for: Betting. Submenu Toggle League of Legends betting; Hearthstone betting.

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  1. 99Damage berichtet über die nationale und internationale CS:GO-Szene. Hier erfahrt ihr alles über Teams, Spieler und Turniere. News Ich hab keine Ahnung ob das geht aber vielleicht kann mir ja einer von euch helfen :) Mit freundlichen Grüßen Edelmann #2 vor 4 Jahren. keplerism 186 Beiträge // Startviewmodel viewmodel_presetpos 0 viewmodel_fov 68 viewmodel_offset_x 2.5 viewmodel.
  2. He is a French professional CS:GO player and is currently playing for G2 Esports as an AWPer. kennyS CS:GO Mouse Settings. Logitech G MX518 Legendary. DPI: 400: Sensitivity 2.20: eDPI: 800: Zoom Sensitivity: 1.00: Mouse Acceleration 0: Windows Sensitivity 6: Raw Input: 1: Polling Rate (Hz) 500: kennyS CS:GO Crosshair. cl_crosshairalpha 200; cl_crosshaircolor 4; cl_crosshairdot 0; cl.
  3. Here's the most up-to-date overview of electronic's CS:GO settings and gear, such as monitor, mouse, keyboard, headset and mousepad
  4. Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Cs:go gibt es bei eBay
  5. ScreaM's settings, crosshair, and viewmodel for CS:GO. They talk about his one-taps. Jerome Heath. Photo via Dreamhack. Adil ScreaM Benrlitom, the self-proclaimed 'eadshot machine, is a.
  6. /r/GlobalOffensive is a home for the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community and a hub for the discussion and sharing of content relevant to CS:GO. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a game created by Valve Corporation and released on August 21st, 2012 as a successor to previous games in the series dating back to 1999. The latest installment to the Counter-Strike franchise maintains a.

Five Must Have CSGO Binds For Pros. By. Md. Naseer Fuad Khan - May 28, 2019. Facebook. WhatsApp. ReddIt. Twitter. Linkedin. Photo: HS Top. To play CS:GO without utilizing binds is akin to watching a movie without the lights dimmed, plenty of snacks by your side and way too much soda on hand. Sure, it works - but you won't be getting the most out of the experience as possible. CSGO Binds. Viewmodel settings allow players to adjust the screen space that their gun takes up. This helps them gain extra screen space, which can make detecting enemies easier. The setting doesn't shrink the.. Ein CS:GO Update mit kleinen Neuerungen und Anpassungen. Neu ist das Viewmodel Recoil. Anpassungen wurden an Bullet Tracers und der Map Canals vorgenommen 99Damage berichtet über die nationale und internationale CS:GO-Szene. Hier erfahrt ihr alles über Teams, Spieler und Turniere CS:GO'nun kendi vermiş olduğu custom viewmodel gerçekten çok çirkin ve ekranda çok fazla yer kaplıyor. Bizde sizler için hem kendi kullandığımız hemde en iyi viewmodel komutlarını sizlerle paylaşıyoruz. En İyi Viewmodel Komutları. viewmodel_fov 68 viewmodel_offset_x 3 viewmodel_offset_y 3 viewmodel_offset_z -3 cl_bob_lower.

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gob b, denis & Co - An diesen Namen führt kein Weg vorbei. Die 8 besten Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Akteure Deutschlands und was sie als Spieler ausmacht Due to the ongoing global health dynamics, ESL Pro League Season 12 will be hosted online in five regional divisions across the globe. The divisions from Season 11 (Europe and North America) will be extended by South America, Asia, and Oceania to guarantee all teams who owned a spot for Season 11 but couldn't participate as well as the teams qualifying through the promised special qualifier to. Tizian CS GO Settings, Crosshair, Viewmodel, HUD Scale, Mouse, Monitor, NVIDIA, Video Settings, Resolution, Sensitivity X/Y, DPI & More.. Luken - CS:GO Settings, Config, Sensitivity, Crosshair, Viewmodel, Launch Options, Resolution, Video Settings, and more

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Mike shroud Grzesiek is a former professional CS:GO player who has become one the most popular streamers in the world. He was born on the 2nd of June 1994. PERIPHERALS. MONITOR. BenQ ZOWIE XL2546 . MOUSE . Logitech G Pro Wireless. MOUSEPAD. Logitech G640 . KEYBOARD. Logitech G Pro Mechanical Keyboard. HEADSET. Logitech G Pro X. HARDWARE. PROCESSOR. Intel Core i9-9940X X-Series . GRAPHICS. In Counter Strike Global Offensive Pro-Gamer Config Counter Strike Global Offensive gibt es eine Vielzahl verschiedener Einstellungsmöglichkeiten. Dazu zählen zum Beispiel CS: GO Guis, Configs und Autoexecs um nur einige zu nennen. So bevorzugen Professionelle-Spieler, auch Progamer genannt, meist Ihre eigenen Einstellungen und haben teils unterschiedliche Configs CS GO Config Pro. A lot of the times, I saw CS GO players mostly the new one who searches for cs go config pro related, which means that they will copy configs from known pro players thinking that they have some magical recipe in it. The truth is that configs can not have anything super advantages inside, and if they do have something handy, it. Switch values of the viewmodel.... A Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) Config Script in the Other/Misc category, submitted by v1ta

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cs go crosshair TaZ. cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0 cl_crosshairalpha 800 cl_crosshaircolor 4 cl_crosshairdot 0 cl_crosshairgap - Total CS:GO; Binds; Switch Hands Bind (cl_righthand) Switch Hands Bind. The switch hand bind will switch your gun position between your left hand and right hand whenever you press the bind key (default L). This is used to prevent your gun model from reducing visibility (e.g. when you want to also watch a spot on a side that your gun is covering), but some players report that they perform. CS: GO has a right-handed player model by default, but some players like to switch to the left-handed model. A look at some of the best CS: GO players who play with a left-handed player model Adil ScreaM Benrlitom is a professional CS:GO player who is currently playing for GamerLegion. He was born on the 2nd of July 1994. PERIPHERALS. MONITOR. BenQ ZOWIE XL2546. MOUSE. Finalmouse Ultralight Sunset . MOUSEPAD. SteelSeries QcK Heavy. KEYBOARD. HyperX Alloy FPS Pro. HEADSET. Sennheiser Game Zero. HARDWARE. PROCESSOR. Intel Core i9-9900K. GRAPHICS CARD. NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2080 Ti. CS:GO BINDS GENERATOR. This tool will help you bind commands to rapidly buy weapons in CS:GO Do you have any request or do you just want to say hi ? Feel free to do it on /r/csgobindsgenerator. Insert ins: Home: Pg Up pgup: Delete del: End: Pg Down pgdn ↑ uparrow ← leftarrow ↓ downarrow → rightarrow: Num Lock numlock / kp_slash * kp_multiply-kp_minus: 7 kp_home: 8 kp_uparrow: 9 kp_pgup.

Riesenauswahl an Markenqualität. Cs.go gibt es bei eBay RazieLero - CS:GO Settings, Config, Sensitivity, Crosshair, Viewmodel, Launch Options, Resolution, Video Settings, and more Scope and Viewmodel in CS:GO. Posted on 09.10.2020 15.10 .2020 | By Byline cattymusic. Home > News > Scope and Viewmodel in CS:GO. If you want to learn the game, you can do it on the site CSGO NET. Painful topic for all beginners. Each time on any stream of a professional player in the chat questions pop up about why he chose such a sight and requests to give settings. Many people think that.

We've got the LATEST and ALWAYS up-to-date CS:GO resolutions and settings. We know what users want because we're users. The site has a collection of all the best pro players. Simple and clean CS:GO Pro Settings and Gear List. Here's a list of all professional and popular CS:GO streamers along with their team, gear and settings. Team Player Monitor Keyboard Mouse Headset Mousepad GPU Settings Priority; Mixer Streamer. Shroud: Acer Predator XB252Q: HyperX Alloy FPS Pro: Logitech G Pro Wireless Gaming Mouse : HyperX Cloud Flight: HyperX Fury S Pro SE XL: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. We've compiled the crosshairs of CS:GO professional players. So, if you're looking for the crosshair of a specific player, simply click on his name above. You will then see a preview of his current crosshair, and the config code of it, so that you can copy-paste it into your console, and get the same crosshair. We've compiled over 100 CS:GO pro crosshairs for you to see. Gathering all.

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CS:GO Waffenbewegung deaktivieren. Da wir sicher nicht die einzigen CS:GO-Spieler sind, denen die Waffenbewegung früher oder später negativ auffällt, haben wir dir hier eine kurze Anleitung mit den notwendigen Konsolenbefehlen erstellt mit denen Du die Animation ausschalten kannst Es gibt in CS:GO vier klar dominierende Waffen und drei davon sind Sturmgewehre: M4A4, M4A1-S und AK-47. Die vierte Waffe ist die AWP, aber zu den Sniper Rifles kommen wir später. Warum M4 und AK so beliebt sind. Egal welches Counter-Strike man spielt, es stehen immer die M4-Sturmgewehre und die AK-47 im Vordergrund. Diese Waffen bieten einfach das beste Gesamtpaket aus hohem Schaden, hoher.


Du suchst nach einer Liste mit allen wichtigen CS:GO Startoptionen, um darüber die FPS einzustellen oder um direkt die Tickrate und Auflösung zu setzen? Wir haben dir die unserer Meinung nach wichtigsten Befehle für die Startoptionen hier zusammengefasst. Nicht erst seit dem Release von Counter-Strike Global Offensive spielen die Konsolenbefehle eine große Rolle. Nicht nur das man damit. Es ist eine Mixtur aus englischen und deutschen Begriffen, gepaart mit einer Grammatik, welche nicht der Norm entspricht. Für diese anglizistische Ausdrucksweise für Vollprofis, bedarf es tatsächlich an einen gewissen mindest Intellekt. Entwickelt wurde das ganze natürlich von des Bois Vorbild Moneyboy bzw seit geraumer Zeit YSL Know Plug. Wir feiern Image Figuren auf so einem hohen Level. CS:GO Viewmodel Script. by Tobys CS. This will be a short post. For more info on viewmodel settings, check out our viewmodel guide. You can use this script to easily find the perfect viewmodel for yourself. Viewmodel Script. bind leftarrow incrementvar viewmodel_offset_x -2.5 2.5 0.1 bind rightarrow incrementvar viewmodel_offset_x -2.5 2.5 -0.1 bind uparrow incrementvar. viewmodel_presetpos 4 viewmodel_fov 54 viewmodel_offset_x 2.5 viewmodel_offset_y 2 viewmodel_offset_z -2 level 2 . 6 points · 6 years ago. fov can be higher: viewmodel_fov 68.000000 Continue this thread level 1. Tactics. 3 points · 6 years ago. Classic and I'm not even from 1.6 or Source. It just feels comfortable and most importantly, takes up less of my screen (whereas Couch. Usually, when you're walking (holding the SHIFT key) in CS:GO, you're trying to be quiet, but you're also probably trying to listen for enemies unaware of your position making footsteps or other noises. That's where this bind comes in handy. This bind will raise your game volume when you are holding the SHIFT key, which will make it much easier to hear noises that usually go amiss from your.

shroud shroud Streamer Nom : Michael Grzesiek Michael shroud Grzesiek est un ancien joueur professionnel de CS:GO, aujourd'hui streamer à plein temps. shroud CS:GO Settings Setup - Cliquer pour voir! Souris: Razer DeathAdder Elite Voir Prix Clavier: Razer Overwatch BlackWidow Chroma Voir Prix Écran: ASUS VG248QE Voir Prix Tapis De Souris: HyperX [ Statistics show that a lot of the professional CS:GO players are using low sensitivity settings. I cannot state enough how important it is to use a low in-game sensitivity/DPI/CPI. If you are used to very high sensitivity, it might take some time for you to get used to a very low sensitivity - but trust me, in the end, it will improve your game and aim immensely. You will need to move your. In this radar settings guide for CS:GO, we will go through how to customize the radar for better visibility and overview. We will explain the different radar scale settings and how to see the whole map on the radar - basically creating a minimap that is visible while you are in-game in CS:GO While playing CS:GO on a competitive level, we often wondered what other players were using as their settings and what gear they were playing with. This information was usually very hard to come by, as Twitch was not a thing and the players didn't post this anywhere. With the rise of online communities, players eventually started sharing more info on the request of their fans. This led to. CS:GO Scripts. Durch Scripts kann man sich ein paar Aktionen im Spiel erleichtern. Im Grunde wird dadurch das Ausführen mehrer Befehle automatisiert. Ein Script führt aktiv eine Aktion durch. Dabei wird auf die Befehle zurückgegriffen, die in den verschiedenen Configs von CS:GO angewendet werden. Scripts sind nicht immer erlaub

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Wer sich Granatentutorials für CS:GO anschaut, wird wahrscheinlich schon einmal auf den Begriff Jumpthrow Bind gestoßen sein. Dieser wird nämlich für bestimmte Granatenwürfe gebraucht, klassischerweise für das präzise Werfen von Smokes oder Molotovs über weite Distanzen. Wie du einen Jumpthrow Bind ganz einfach erstellen kannst, welche Vorteile du dadurch hast und wo der Einsatz. Astralis and 12 other teams become part owners of ESL Pro League. Feb 18, 2020 - Nick Johnson . CS:GO. Cloud9, Gen.G headline NA ESL Rio Minor Closed Qualifiers. Feb 17, 2020 - Nick Johnson. CS:GO. You can get a real advantage by customizing your viewmodel in CSGO. Feb 17, 2020 - Nick Johnson. CS:GO. Coronavirus strikes CSGO, Tyloo replaces ViCi at IEM Katowice. Feb 17, 2020 - Nick Johnson. CS.

FURIOUSSS - CS:GO Settings, Config, Sensitivity, Crosshair, Viewmodel, Launch Options, Resolution, Video Settings, and more In CS:GO gibt es eine Vielzahl verschiedener Einstellungsmöglichkeiten. So bevorzugen professionelle Spieler meist Ihre eigene CS:GO Config. Doch nur weil jemand eine Config eines Profispielers nutzt heißt es nicht gleich, dass er dadurch besser ist. Es gibt empfohlene Werte die man einstellen kann jedoch wird man dadurch keinen extremen Skillboost erleben. Eine eigene CS:GO Config ist in. cs go config commands Top 30 Team Ranking Powered by HLTV Cloud9 winning ESL Pro League Season 4 Snapchatting Counter-strike players Problems fixed New team updates incoming Win Boyonet | Forest DDPAT! Major Winter Update!!! TSM lose CS:GO team New CSGO Top 20 Team Rankings. About: Cs-Cfg.com is a website where you can found Counter-strike Configs. Download now cfg's, maps and gui's for 1.6. [CS:GO] Viewmodel problem. Thread starter DAZZE; Start date 15 Apr 2014; Forums; Spiele; Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; CS:GO Allgemein; DAZZE Active Member. 15 Apr 2014 #1. 7 Apr 2011 1,242 12. 15 Apr 2014 #1. Hey Leutz, also ich komme gleich zum Problem. Ich benutze diese Viewmodel Settings:.

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NiKo CS:GO settings: Config, gaming gear & sensitivity used by pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Nikola NiKo Kovač. Includes NiKo's CS:GO keybindings, mouse settings, DPI, crosshair, cfg, video & graphics settings as well as his hardware setup and resolution Die CS:GO Autoexec ist eine praktische kleine Konfigurationsdatei, in der ihr alle eure gewünschten Einstellungen festlegen könnt und die.

pashaBiceps - CS:GO Settings, Crosshair & ConfigBest CS:GO Settings, Gear, Configs & Sensitivity 2020sergej CS:GO Settings, Crosshair & Config | ProSettings

Ultimate CS:GO Viewmodel [Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Cmdrate ändert wiederum die Häufigkeit der Kommandos, die pro Sekunde zum Server gesendet werden. Falls ihr nur Matchmaking spielt ist dieser Befehl keine Pflicht, da hier das Maximum auf 64 begrenzt ist. Für ESL/Faceit/ESEA, also alles bei dem auf 128Tick Servern gespielt wird, ist es wichtig diesen Befehl in der Config zu haben. rate 80000; Dieser Befehl gibt die maximale Download. List of the most useful sv_cheats 1 console commands and cvars in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). Includes commands that works like legal CS:GO cheats/hacks (like wallhack, god mode, no recoil, no smoke etc.) but also give commands for any weapon, unlimited ammo as well as many other fun commands Ich selbst spiele in CS:GO mit niedrigen Settings und einer niedrigen Auflösung. Ich hab mich nach den ProGamer gerichtet. Der Vorteil von 1024×768 (4:3) bei voller Bildschirmbreite ist, das die Models breiter werden und somit etwas leichter zu treffen sind. Der Nachteil ist, man sieht etwas weniger links und rechts. Hat mich aber bisher nicht gestört und vermutlich auch nicht so viele. CS:GO Config - Rechyyy. a guest . Jul 5th, 2015. 177,300 . Never . Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features! text 0.98 KB . raw download clone.

Happy CS:GO Settings, Gear, Config & Crosshair 2018tabseN - CS:GO Settings, Crosshair & Config | ProSettings

Ein Buyscript (dt. Kaufscript) erlaubt es in CS:GO mit nur einem Tastendruck ein vorher festgelegtes Set an Waffen und Ausrüstung zu kaufen. Durch solche Binds kannst du am Anfang einer Runde also schneller einkaufen. Die gewonnen Sekunden kannst du beispielsweise nutzen, um mit deinen Teamkameraden die Vorgehensweise der anstehenden. I was using OBS Studio to record some videos of CS:GO with 'Game Capture' option but the preview screen showed black only when I... CS:GO Tips: Simple Command to Find Out What Monitor Hertz You... CS:GO Guides & Tips May 22, 2017. Get Better at CS:GO - Holding Sites Scripts to Practice For... CS:GO Guides & Tips March 12, 2017. How to Show CS:GO In-game Fps. CS:GO Guides & Tips May 14, 2017. S1mple also sometimes called as Simple is a professional Global Offensive player from Ukraine. His real name is Олександр Олегович Костильєв, Oleksandr Olegovich Kostyliev, in Roman. He was born on October 2, 1997 (age 22) and has been playing since 2013 professionally shroud CS:GO settings: Config, gaming gear & sensitivity used by pro Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Mike shroud Grzesiek. Includes shroud's CS:GO keybindings, mouse settings, DPI, crosshair, cfg, video & graphics settings as well as his hardware setup and resolution Download config for CS:GO and play simple and better. FPS and other best CS:GO cfg for you for free

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